Who are we? And opportunities
Ice Radio previously North Kent Radio, started to stream online in April 2016, and currently plays music 2016 and includes syndicated programmes from the UK and abroad.

We are currently looking to develop a brand new radio station for North Kent, and we are running two projects. The first is to create a community radio station on FM in Medway, and the second is looking to base the radio station in Ebbsfleet.

We are actively looking to raise funds by crowdfunding using the Go Fund me website, details found here.

We are also hoping to raise funding through sponsorship from local businesses, and if you are interested in supporting community radio by advertising please contact us .
What we plan to do?

The station will NOT be a carbon copy of anything else in Kent broadcasting on FM. Ice Radio will be a radio station run by the community for the community.
The station will look to give opportunities to students, by working with schools and colleges, and the unemployed  and disabled by running training sessions to teach people how to work in radio, e.g. production, editing, news gathering techniques etc.
The station will also look to work with the youth offending teams and work with young offenders and give opportunities to learn and develop skills in broadcasting.
And of course the station will offer placements and development to anyone in the community who wishes to become involved in radio, and these activities will be and not limited to:

Programme Assisting
Jingle Creation
News Gathering
News Reading
Sales and Marketing
Website design and upkeep
Social Media

If you are interested in becoming involved please use the contact page and we can arrange a chat.
What type of programmes will you air?

The station is run by the community and for the community and we are interested in ideas for all types of programmes.

The station will of course offer the breakfast and drive time shows with the coverage of travel, news headlines, breaking news, mixed in with on-air fun etc.

We would also like to run local sports shows to cover the local football teams, and have reporters at the matches and report back during the shows with any updates.

Local music and programmes to promote local bands and gigs taking place in the region, and also to have live music shows in the evening.

Local events shows to showcase what is happening in the community and invite members and organisers of local groups to come in and explain their interests.

Local News Magazine and current affairs shows, to report on the local news breaking in the community and look to have a team of news gatherers to go and report on important issues; such as police, fire or council incidents which is of a local interest to the community, and is not covered on the other 'local' radio stations or media.

Various music shows to appeal to various members of the community, whether this is Rock, Dance, Drum and Bass, Classical, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, if there is a call for it we will dedicate a show to it.

Do I need any experience?

You don't need any experience of being involved in radio, as we will look to train and teach you what you need to know for the job you wish to do. Please note there could be a delay for certain posts as there will only be a limited amount of programme slots. However if you are keen, dedicated, and have a passion for radio we want to hear from you.

We will ask for committment to the station, and volunteers will undergo an interview and chat so we get the right people. The radio station will not be a channel for anyone to boost their ego, or to be a self promotion exercise.

What does Ice Radio need the most?

At the present time we need people who can join the team and spread the word and do the hard work of asking for donations, sponsorship, and plan how the station will sound once we go on air.

There will be regular meetings to attend and ask that you are flexible and able to attend these.

If you get involved from the beginning and show us your loyalty, then we will stick with you once we are on air.

How do I get in touch?

Go to our contacts page , send us a message, email or phone us today to arrange a meeting and an informal chat with coffee and cake!